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Do you know how to make a decision? How to decide? 

I’ve traditionally been awful at decision-making and admire decisive people — much in the way I admire people who engage in extreme sports… How do they do that?! 

I’m more of the wishy-washy type. 

I have been decidedly undecided most of my life — ‘keeping my options open’. 

What that really means is that I have been too afraid of being wrong to commit to a direction. 

Of course, this is reserved for just the big stuff in life, right? A new career, where to travel or live, whether to quit drinking, have kids, how to build my business… 

I wish.

No, my indecisiveness knows no bounds — haha! 

  • Should I get out of bed, yet?  
  • What is the most important item today?
  • Should I make juice or toast? 
  • What to wear? 
  • When to leave for an event?
  • Where or what to eat?

Even in writing this, it seems that I simply lack some discipline or backbone, but I can tell you it’s not that simple. 

I believe I’ve told you that I’m neurodivergent, yes? 

This is one component of my challenges with decisions — making them, remembering that I made them, and acting in a consistent manner as a result of making them. 

Another is psychology; most decisions I made in youth landed me in hot water — not only my decisions that were possibly harmful, but even reading a book instead of cleaning my room, or daydreaming in class — those were met with scold, scorn, and ‘correction’. 

Being a big feeler and highly sensitive is another component — a decision or choice that led to scolding, criticism, or rejection was like being punched in the stomach — physically painful. 

All those led to being paralyzed by decision-making — the risks were just too high. 

As an adult, taking responsibility for my psychology, embracing my neurodivergent mind, and healing hurtful patterns, this indecisiveness is still a toughie.  

 I have gotten adept at some big and some little decisions, but it’s yet to feel reliable. 

I’ve learned to trust myself. 

I am also an expert at helping others make their own decisions. I KNOW the process and more importantly, I know the POWER of a decision. 

I have watched countless clients make decisions and their lives change rapidly as a result. 

I have helped my children make decisions and watched their circumstances completely resolve (without any further action) as a result of a decision. 

The decisions I’ve helped friends make — there is a mountain of evidence that shows me what happens after a decision is made; it’s almost magical. 

And, still, I’ve struggled to choose, to decide. 

A dear friend and colleague talks about decisions on one of her podcast episodes and she says that we can tell that a decision is right for us when all the other ‘options’ disappear as a result of the decision.  I loved that and have practiced it — it’s a big part of how I learned to trust myself. 

What I’ve learned about decisions by participating intimately with so many as they make their decisions, is this: 

It’s not WHAT you decide; it’s that you DECIDE. 

The decision is the first step in the creation dance — ask and you will receive, knock and it will open, seek and you will find. 

The Human’s job is to decide, to exert our free will. Then, the universe, god, infinite intelligence, or the quantum field can respond. 

This is the first step in the dance.  The universe provides the next step - a thought, an avenue, a synchronicity, an intuitive insight. 

We then take the third step — act.  

This action is inspired and only 1 step - not the entire rest of the dance like our minds (egos) so love to do.  

We repeat the dance steps with the universe as we flow through this beautiful human life; ask and receive, knock and open, seek and find… delightedly discovering the gifts and the joy of the journey. 

The power is in the decision itself — not what you decide.

A decision is a catalyst. It is power. What you decide is secondary because you can always make another decision. 

I have come so far on this journey already and am so excited to take it to the next level. To interact with my decisions with present awareness and intention.


What will you decide, today? And then,  how did the universe respond?

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