Shine Your Light with Confidence

"The price of your new life is your old life"

- Anonymous

Patterns of Self-doubt and self-sabotage are incredibly common in women, especially those who are drawn to the healing arts. I believe we are drawn to these roles because we are intuitives, empaths, or HSP's (Highly Sensitive People), and as such, we feel the world more strongly. We are drawn to help others out of their pain, sadness, or darkness and heal their souls, passing along our gifts, talents, and learnings.

AND, feeling so strongly makes high visibility quite risky, so those in the healing arts often have difficulty running a business that requires networking, marketing, an online presence and sales. This is where I come in. My specialty is in overcoming these patterns of self-doubt and self-sabotage so these quietly powerful women soulopreneurs can achieve the success they want, attract amazing clients, and feel confident in their message, learn to trust their own decision making in business, and thrive in all areas of their lives.