Shine Your Light with Confidence

"The price of your new life is your old life"

- Anonymous

Chronic self-doubt and sabotage are hallmarks of The Imposter Syndrome - a phenomenon where one cannot FEEL their success, even when they have significant evidence to the contrary - at its heart it’s the feeling that you don’t deserve your successes.
I call it competence dysmorphia
Whether it keeps you from asking for a promotion or submitting your resume, keeps you at the office overworking and overdoing everything to avoid mistakes, or avoiding marketing and visibility activities in your business, Imposter Syndrome charges a heavy price. 
Imagine, though, what might be possible if you could escape the mental cage? What might come of actually sharing your brilliant ideas at the next executive meeting? Or of throwing your hat in the ring for a position or project that is a bit out of reach?  What other doors might open as a result of having confidence in your skills, ability to learn, and that intangible value that is uniquely YOU?