Meet Kecia

I'm Kecia, a certified personal development coach who believes that we are never broken, our inner worlds are always guiding us and that the parts of us, once understood, can make our lives infinitely more rewarding.

Reinvention without destruction is my mission for all people. Life is full of changes, transitions, and evolutions. When we are up against life circumstances that have us feeling trapped, frustrated and hemmed in, breaking free is all we can think of - usually dramatically.

I have plenty of personal experience with this feeling and have found ways to evolve while doing almost no damage to all that I hold dear. From quitting drinking to career changes, becoming a wife and mother and launching my own business, I have felt trapped in my own life numerous times (the aforementioned are the end results of my turmoil).

I was certain if everyone would leave me alone and not make demands of me that I would be free to make my changes by myself, come back shiny and new and re-join my life. I felt like a trapped animal who would lash out at anyone who came near and unfortunately, people and careers don't typically like being dumped while I figure my crap out.

The first few of these transformations were messy. Those closest to me paid the price with wounded feelings while I withdrew into myself and threw a pity-party, then proceeded to blame them all for my unhappiness.

I was lucky enough to have resilient people who believed in me that overlooked and endured my torment and my ability to go through transformations improved. What I learned, I have also learned to help people find for themselves.

The secrets lie in the courage to look within, bring to consciousness limiting beliefs that block change and be willing to make personal changes to remove those blocks. And yes, all that is possible DIY, but so much more effective with a coach to guide the way.