Reinvention. Your Way.

Life has lost its luster. Now that you've achieved all your goals, life feels empty. It's time to reinvent yourself! I can show you how to reinvent yourself continually and not sacrifice or destroy anything you hold dear. Call me and I'll give you the details!

Tina G. Portland, OR

Kecia is an extraordinary coach. She understands what it means to bring her whole self to coaching, which allows her to hold such beautiful space for the whole self of her coaching clients. With a keen ear for hearing the subtleties within detailed conversation and keen observation of body language, she sees and hears all of each client. Kecia has a loving, calm and encouraging demeanor, which creates a wonderful environment for exploring one’s own ideas, thoughts, feelings and beliefs.
I love that she doesn’t project herself onto my story or issues and wants nothing more than to support my unique journey. What a lovely gift from a beautiful human. If you are ready to dig deep and have anything in the world you want to unpack, resolve or discover, Kecia is such a great coach to guide you on your exploration. Give it a shot. I promise you will be so glad you did and grateful for your time spent with Kecia.

Casey T. Lowville, NY

Kecia is a wonderful coach. She has a unique ability to hold space and be present throughout the session regardless of how deep or emotionally charged it is. She has helped me in so many ways, from fact-checking my own limiting beliefs to challenging my inner critic to integrating spiritual lessons. Kecia has proven to be an immensely valuable resource. I feel so blessed to have worked with her!

Macala Wright, Creator of

Kecia helped me “wake up” even before I realized what she was doing. Three years after I started working with her, she is now a critical part of my ongoing professional development and success.

Ashleigh K. Seattle, WA

Kecia has a superpower for connecting with people on a human level. She is real and compassionate. Don’t underestimate this. I’ve worked with several coaches and therapists over the years and none were as effective as Kecia at creating the supportive, honest, and unbiased environment where I was able to look deeper to find and unwind the negative thought patterns that were the real culprit holding me back from the life I envisioned. Give Kecia a call  – you won’t be sorry.

Here are The Next Steps

Decide that Enough is Enough:

Come to realize that you're done feeling lousy, stressed, and angry at your life and willing to make changes to finally live your BEST life.

Book a Call:

Schedule your free strategy session to create a plan for you to get free of the burden of stress, anxiety, and guilt.

Create a Plan:

Bring to consciousness beliefs and thought processes’ that no longer serve you and courageously shed them and declare new ones. 

Meet the New You:

Through your honest, authentic work, you'll reveal your best self and revel in the new life you've reinvented for yourself.

Today is The Day!

Don't waste another day feeling trapped, blocked in, or suffocating in your life - today, you can begin your journey to freedom and a life you are happy in.

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