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Today is the day! The day Mark Twain wrote about – you know, the day I find out why I was born?! 

"The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why."

Mark Twain

Today is THAT day. 

I’ve ‘known’ my reason, my purpose, my passions, and what I think I’m ‘supposed’ to do in this life for YEARS. 

Today is the first day that I fully embodied it. And, more importantly, today is the day I recognized and declared that I AM. 

  • I AM highly capable and I make mistakes. 
  • I AM powerful and also gentle and kind. 
  • I AM confident and humble.
  • I AM magical and practical. 
  • I AM everything and I am nothing.

Now, if you FELT that in your body, felt the energy of these words, congratulations – what you’re seeking is finding you. 

These are not affirmations. These are my truths. I have found a very powerful place along my life’s journey — one that is like base camp on my Everest climb. 

In arriving at this base camp, I look back across the journey - reflecting on my life. 

I see with eyes full of a wider vision that can see the multitude of truths in my formative stories. 

I feel with a heart bursting with compassion for the girl who so earnestly tried her best, who kept getting up after every disappointment or misstep. 

I know with a certainty that is crystal clear that the journey is unending and arrival anywhere is to be celebrated, rejoiced in, and honored and then released because we are meant to continue on.  

My life, like yours, is a complex tapestry of stories, events, and experiences, woven together uniquely by me. 

I have been narrating my journey all along, some stories highlight my bravery, some highlight my cowardice. I have stories where I am the villain, though ‘justified’, and many where I am the victim. 

The major themes of these stories were about freedom, and the cages I repeatedly found myself in.  A narrative of a life learning about my own power through the lens of disempowerment. 

Tales of approval and the variations of desperately needing and seeking it and then rejecting and scoffing at it. 

We humans are endlessly fascinating to me. I have been privileged with being welcomed into thousands of peoples inner worlds and thoughts. I believe I have been welcomed precisely because I understand the delicacy and honor of being witness to them.

No matter where you may be on your own journey of personal development, you are exactly in the right place. When you feel lost, that is exactly right, too, because you will seek in a new way.

What I have found for myself above, this place of deep contentment and certainty, is available to any who seek it. If you continue to seek yourself – your why's, your how-comes, your love – you will find it. And you will know joy.

See you all on the path!

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