Kecia M. Lee, self-doubt

I have been told that when I share my experiences, as I go through them, it’s invaluable to my cluster - family, friends, clients, and audience - a model they can experience with me that provides a perspective for them to view their own life, their own struggles and joys through.

I have to tell you, I'm experiencing self-doubt. 

It’s scary to invite you all into my life. There is a reason I specialize in Imposter Syndrome – I’ve been hiding my true self for 45 years – certain that I will be rejected, cast out, ridiculed, or worse, told I’m wrong and not enough. 

Some ground rules for how I will share:

  1. I will tell the truth. 
  2. I will guard my family and friends’ privacy and share in generalities if what I want to share may expose them without their consent. 
  3. This experiment is not promotional – there will be no sales CTA’s, nothing to buy, and nothing to promote. 
  4. I work with many coaches, healers, and experts and will undoubtedly refer to my work with them - if you want to know more about them, you’ll have to email me or message me directly for the introduction.

Ok - so if it’s not promotional - why am I doing this?

2 reasons:

  1. To help people start to overcome themselves, their self-doubt – not through conventional ways, but through self-compassion, love, and humor. I have spent my entire life helping people to see their circumstances differently and offer a different perspective. I’m drawn to this work because I see our cages so clearly – they are of our own making and we have the keys in our hands and just have no idea how to use them. I can't stand to see people suffer in this way. 
  2. As someone who processes best when I explain, teach, or otherwise share my insights, I’ve used journaling or friends (who love me but don’t always get what I’m saying) and coaches/healers to help me and now I have an opportunity to stretch myself to see if I can get even MORE personal growth from this type of processing (yep – it’s a selfish thing). 

A bit about my daily life I'll be sharing with you:

I live in a suburb of Seattle with my husband, son, and daughter in a 1000 sqft home with a great big yard. I have 1 dog, 3 cats, and I get co-ownership duties with a friend’s horse.

I have my own business that includes 1:1 clients, a budding speaking lane, and developing workshops – AND, I will share the roller-coaster that is entrepreneurship when, at my core, I just want to help people free themselves from their minds – I was not prepared for the business end of this and it has been (often still is) a very steep learning curve that triggers my self-doubt all the time. 

I am a daughter, and a sister, I am married to a Japanese-Korean man and have a bunch of in-laws that have very different cultural norms.

I am flawed. 

I am human and have made so many mistakes in my life – things I have held in judgment and scorn, unwilling to forgive.

I am a recovering alcoholic with almost 19 years of sobriety who is also flawed there.

I have not fit into conventional boxes (honestly, none of us should) and have sabotaged myself more times than I can count, and I have chosen rebellion over trying and failing, repeatedly. 

I am highly sensitive, neurodivergent, and very empathic – and am learning to use these superpowers rather than hiding them as if they were character defects.

I am deeply intuitive and often say the exact thing people need to hear - often without my thinking about it. 

I am kind... really kind. 

You will hear about my understanding of spirituality and the religious trauma (among others) of my upbringing. 

You will hear about psychology, mindset, brain science, and whatever new modalities capture my attention as I navigate my self-doubt.

You will hear about my parenting, my relationships with those closest to me, and MOST IMPORTANTLY, you will hear about my relationship with myself. 

I am currently wrestling with identity - what it is, how it is changed, how it liberates or binds me, how to be without it, and how to be in this world, but not of it – haha – every one of the above statements is part of the identity, the labeling of myself as x, y, or z... so much to unpack!

I have spent 30+ years actively seeking freedom and rejecting (intentionally and accidentally) conventional ways to such freedom. I have found the true freedom I sought and cannot wait to share it with you all.