Photo by Jongsun Lee on Unsplash

Eclipse season is here! 

I’m not well versed in astrology, but what I’ve been hearing is that we’re under some extra planetary pressure at the moment and the new moon and solar eclipse today are revealing what needs to be released. 

I’ve had a couple of days of emotional reactivity - and while it is incredibly different than in the past, it is also quite familiar. *eye roll* 

I'm out of alignment with myself/my highest self and it doesn’t feel great. It’d be so much easier to blame someone else for the discontented feelings, but only easier for a split-second because as soon as I blame, I give my power away. 

You know when the experts say (me included) that when we are emotionally activated by the behavior of another that it is because that behavior is ours; it’s a behavior in us that we recognize and don’t particularly like in ourselves? 

Yeah - even when I reflect this for a client, I do it with immense love because it stings. I’m feeling all of the feels right now. 

I’m annoyed and impatient with particular conversations that make me question whether the person I’m speaking with can hear themselves. At. All. 

The incongruence of their words, actions, and energy are glaringly obvious to me, the observer, and it’s frustrating me to no end. 

AND, it’s mine, right? 

I am the one experiencing the frustration and annoyance. I am the one experiencing disconnection from my own power and balance. 

The very reason for the heightened emotional reactivity is because I am seeing something that I don’t like in myself — how to identify it and then address it so I can reclaim my balance is the job at hand.  

So, to keep my power, which lives in my alignment, is to practice acceptance. 

Just the facts, Ma’am.

The facts:

  • A person is unaware of incongruent behavior and words. 
  • I am experiencing negative emotions around it. 

Accept those. 

Asking why this bothers me provides the answer I need - it bothers me because I am aware that I have gone in many circles in my own personal development and have often been out of integrity with my words and actions. 

It bothers me now, specifically, because I have been feeling really, really balanced, and seeing this makes me wonder if I am fooling myself and can’t see my misalignment as this person clearly can’t. 

It also bothers me because I have reflected this incongruence to them numerous times, as requested, and they choose to maintain the patterns. I am attached to the outcome (very dangerous for all involved) and I have an emotional investment in them. 

That attachment and emotional investment are where my power went. I have MEANING around their actions - personal stories and meanings I’m making about them, myself, and the circumstances. 

Now what?!

Back to acceptance:

  • I accept that my situation is unbalanced and may remain so because of my investment.
  • I cannot ever change another. Period. 

I can, however, change myself. Or, change my perspective ‘cuz I like myself and no longer change who I am to accommodate another. 

I can take a little more space for myself to keep aware of my emotional responses rather than let them catch me off-guard. 

I will make sure that I am in integrity with my own words, actions, and energy. 

I will breathe and feel my feet-on-the-ground as much as needed to enjoy the peace within myself and the present moment. 

I will remember my care for this person and my knowledge that their soul is also speaking to them and it’s not my job to be their inner voice. 

This upcoming week is a minefield of opportunities to practice this and with the planetary pressure, it’s sure to have fireworks. 

So to keep my balance, stay in my power? Back to acceptance of what is.

The facts of the circumstances are this:

  • This week is full of activities and at least 3 of them come with high emotions, inherently.
  • I have less time than usual to ensure I can fill my own cup. 
  • All of the activities of this week are with humans with vastly varying degrees of self-awareness, even when not in stressful situations. 

I can accept those facts - even though I can feel the stories desperately trying to fill in, pack themselves around the facts.

How will I navigate this week, then? What can I do to be at my best so that when the facts of my circumstances present themselves, I have the best chance of keeping my balance? 

Accept. Breathe. Feel my feet-on-the-ground. Drink water. Walk with love.  

And, maybe the most radical activity of them all (for me at least)? I will ASK for help, and receive their support. I will allow others to show up for me.